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Choosing the best AC brand is not easy. Brand is one of the considerations with buying an let breathe conditioner. renowned brands are often considered to have good quality. Most people prefer brands that are durable and don’t break easily, especially as soon as buying electronic furniture, such as freshen conditioners.

Currently, there are many of the best AC brands on the market. However, there are several brands that are widely known to have unshakable quality, save electricity, and cold quickly. Each AC brand has its own future features. Some have features that save electricity, cold quickly, and even kill viruses and bacteria in the air.

Here are the recommendations for the best AC brands in 2022 along afterward their well along features:

1. Samsung

The Samsung AC brand is one of the most sought after. The latest AC products have the Windfree feature. This feature utilizes Still Air to blow cool, gentle let breathe evenly throughout the room. According to ASHRAE (American charity of Heating, Refrigerating, and ventilate Conditioning Engineers), nevertheless air is a stream of let breathe upsetting at 0.15 m/s.

The gust of wind from the ventilate conditioner is softer and lighter, does not cause a strong cold freshen flow that makes you character unwell. choice advantage of Windree is that it makes the outdoor unit’s electricity consumption more efficient. Windfree is moreover quieter than usual mode.

2. Sharp

Sharp is the best AC brand that is furthermore much sought after in 2022. Sharp’s AC has J-Tech Inverter later technology that can save electricity consumption by taking place to 60%. Inverter technology is adequate for those of you who often use the let breathe conditioner for a long time. The longer it is used, the more efficient the electricity consumption.

Some smart AC products also have Plasmacluster Ion technology. This technology can pardon the same distinct (O2) and negative (H+) ions as in nature. Plasmacluster ions can suppress the enlargement of viruses and fungi in the air. The content of OH ions takes hydrogen (H) from viral and bacterial proteins. The OH and Hydrogen ions in viruses and bacteria later slant into H2O (water) which does not hurt your health anymore.

3. Daikin

Daikin is the best AC brand that focuses upon vibrancy saving. Daikin’s latest technology cuts electricity consumption by in the works to 70% compared to usual ventilate conditioners. Daikin split type freshen conditioners are meant to come up with the money for good cooling piece of legislation even though saving electricity. Daikin AC uses environmentally kind freon correspondingly it is secure to use in any building.

Daikin furthermore has a Multi Split variant. This liberal technology allows 2 indoor AC units to be united to 1 external unit only. So, Forum ( moreover visceral adept to keep electricity, you can purchase 2 AC units for 2 rooms at a cheaper price. The electricity consumption is moreover more efficient because it deserted has 1 uncovered unit.

4. Gree

AC Gree brand has a technology same to Daikin. AC Gree has a Combo Split variant that can connect 2 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit. In addition to saving space, this multi split type Gree AC can keep electricity consumption and costs. Gree AC uses R-32 freon, G-1Hz inverter technology and quick Cooling.

Gree plus has anti-virus and bacteria technology. G-Tech Healthy intellectual Inverter technology is equipped later frosty Plasma Technology to crush viruses, bacteria, and awful odors from the air. Inverter technology that kills viruses and bacteria uses low knack happening to 140W.

5. Panasonic

Panasonic is the best AC brand and is widely agreed in Indonesia. Panasonic ventilate conditioners have nanoe technology that functions to tidy viruses and bacteria in the air, remove dust happening to PM2.5, and eliminate unpleasant odors. Nanoe can be activated later the cooler is off. The skill consumption of this nanoe mode is single-handedly 25W, as a result efficient that it can be turned on afterward you are upon the go.

Panasonic ventilate conditioners have a Blue Fin heat-absorbing fin and a U-Bend Coating that resists corrosion from air, water, and corrosive substances. Blue Fin material is hydrophilic, which is in the same way as water dripping on taro leaves. as a result the parts that are protected by Blue Fin will be safe from rust. In addition, the U-Bend upon the evaporator is coated with a Blue Coating which protects the evaporator from leakage.

6. Polytron

Polytron is the best AC brand from Indonesia. Polytron AC products focus on presenting fast cooling technology similar to efficient electricity consumption. The Polytron Neuva lead series freshen conditioner can frosty a room 40% faster than unmemorable air conditioners. Soft start technology in imitation of electric current direct circuit does not consume a lot of capability later the AC is turned on.

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient air conditioner, the Polytron Deluxe series is the answer. Electricity consumption is 15% more efficient than its predecessor. Polytron Deluxe expose conditioners can furthermore clean the evaporator to cut the buildup of mold and bacteria in the indoor unit.

7. LG

LG is then the best AC brand that is equipped next electricity-saving technology. LG AC Dual frosty series is equipped next inverter technology that can save electricity consumption by stirring to 60%. AC LG DUAL Inverter Compressor already has TUV Rheinland which can chilly the freshen going on to 40% faster than LG Non Inverter.

You can motivate the electricity saving feature by pressing the Watt govern button upon the remote. Some LG AC products have an Ultrafine Dust Remover feature. This feature can extinguish 99.9% of fine dust measuring PM 0.1 up to an place of 30 square meters. In addition, there is an automatic cleaner that functions to abstemious the inside of the indoor unit from water to make it drier.

8. Electrolux

Electrolux is the best AC brand that has final features. Electrolux has an I-Clean feature that removes bacteria and cleans the inside of the let breathe conditioner from dust and mold. later the X-Fan feature removes water in indoor components to shorten excess moisture. The ventilate in the room becomes cooler and healthier all the time.

Electrolux AC has an I-Feel feature that detects temperature constantly. This feature can moreover detect your body temperature and deal with cooling wherever you are. Electrolux brand air conditioners allow other protection from corrosion thanks to the BlueFin coating. This makes the ventilate conditioner last longer and frosty faster.

9. Aqua

Aqua is much sought after because the selling price is quite affordable. This cheap AC brand has definite features. Turbo Cooling can chilly a room within 5 minutes. AC Aqua can performance in a broad voltage range from 160V to 242V. Wind flow can be adjusted thanks to Triple let breathe Flow. You can set the chilly freshen currents further, faster, and stronger.

AC Aqua indoor and uncovered components are made of special anti-rust materials. The evaporator and condenser are made of 100% copper and coated when blue fin. besides physical accomplished to mass the effectiveness of cooling, it can then prevent corrosion and rust. Inverter pro type Aqua AC can save electricity stirring to 63%.

10. Midea

Midea is an ventilate conditioner brand that is famous for saving electricity, has stable performance, and is durable. Inverter compressors can stabilize compressor law fittingly that cooling is more stable and saves electricity. Ionozer technology kills viruses and bacteria for cleaner and fresher air.

Midea is equipped next Gold Fin anti-rust coating. This growth is in the evaporator and condenser. Gold Fin can keep these important components for a long time. AC Midea low watt savings account operates once single-handedly 340 watts of electrical power, adequate for homes considering limited electrical power.

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